The Next Era of Boston Content

Welcoming New Executive Directors Katelyn Holbrook and Katie Martell


Throughout history, powerful movements have taken on a life of their own, regardless of who’s in charge.

That was evident at Boston Content’s most recent event, which, after a brief hiatus, brought over 200 content professionals back together for an evening of networking, knowledge sharing, and some 90s tunes (naturally). Check out photos from the event.

At this June event, we shared some big news to the group.

The fearless Devin Bramhall and Mike Baker have retired the well-worn capes they donned as Executive Directors of Boston Content. They’ve handed that responsibility over to us: Katie Martell (LinkedIn / Twitter) and Katelyn Holbrook (LinkedIn / Twitter).

As two Boston-born and raised marketers working in various dimensions of the world of content, we are thrilled to be stepping into the role of your new co-executive directors.

We have enormous shoes to fill as the latest dynamic duo to lead this vibrant and engaged community since its founding in 2012 by Jay Acunzo and Arestia Rosenberg. To help us best serve our members, we have recruited some amazing volunteers from the member community. Learn about our new volunteer leadership committee, and Boston Content’s leaders emeritus.

Why are we so excited to be at the helm of Boston Content?

(Oh, you mean besides the fact that this is one of the most enthusiastic and talented group of professionals anywhere, in any city?)

The global content marketing industry is set to reach $313 billion by 2019. Boston is both a remarkable part of that growth figure, and a trailblazer in shaping its future.

There are over 110,000 content professionals in the greater Boston area, with a vast array of agencies, tech firms, and production houses continuing to make this city a leader in the digital economy. In fact, Boston was voted the number 1 startup hub in the US.

Personally, we’re also driven by a few motivating factors in taking on these roles:

  • We want to equip the next generation of content professionals to outdo us in every way.
  • We want to serve the needs of a very diverse industry, filled with many who have now been working in content for years, others who are starting out.
  • We believe in the transformative power of great content in many facets of business and life.

This is for you.

Most importantly, however, are Boston Content’s 1300+ members - yeah YOU (with more joining every day).

It was ultimately the people in this incredible group—the writers, videographers, photographers and designers; the marketers, established executives and entrepreneurs; the uber-creatives and the analytical wonders—that made us so excited for the opportunity to lead Boston Content into its next chapter.

Our mission will, of course, remain the same as Jay and Arestia envisioned it 5 years ago: to provide direction and support so that, as the content industry continues to boom, so, too, do the careers of our members.

Moving forward, we’ll bring this to life with:

  • Wildly actionable and educational events

  • Insightful content of our own reflecting the creativity and smarts of our community

  • Networking for aspiring and current Boston-area content professionals

We’ll also be reinvigorating some past community favorites (including a new-and-improved job board and a not-to-be-missed awards program) and introducing some new ideas along the way.

If you have ideas for what you would like to see from Boston Content, please email and be sure to say hello at an upcoming event. Make sure you’re on our mailing list, or connected with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and now Facebook.

Finally, thank you to Devin, Mike, Jay, and Arestia. There’s an oft-used quote about the meaning of life (getting sentimental here):

Plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.

You guys have planted one hell of a tree. We’re honored for the chance to keep it growing.

Katie & Katelyn


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