How to Calculate Social Media ROI [Infographic]

Image via  Pixabay

Image via Pixabay

This post was written by Boston Content committee member Lena Prickett, content marketing specialist at SnapApp. Follow her, @lenagainstme

At our February event, The Business of Content Creation, I sat at Trish Antonsen's "ROI-for-Y-O-U" table and, boy, was it buzzing.  

Everyone at the table really cared about showing the end value of the work they do daily — and that impressed me. We're not a community interested in punching our cards in and out and calling it a day. We are invested in the work we do, and we want that work to have a measurable impact on the companies we work for. 

It seems like no matter the industry, vertical, department or role, we are all concerned with demonstrating ROI. 

And social media is no different — it's perhaps the most beleaguered industry when it comes to executives (and parents, friends and casual acquaintances) asking, "What's the point?" 

That's why, when I saw this infographic on QuickSprout, I knew I had to share it with you. 

The infographic starts out with some nice success metrics from big-name brands, and moves on to a six-part guideline for measuring benefits and costs and calculating ROI. It's an appealingly simple framework and makes this somewhat murky topic crystal clear. 

The simple, clean design is part of why this infographic works — it leaves enough white space so the ideas don't crowd together, even with a lot of great content packed in. 

My favorite part: This framework could easily be applied to calculate ROI for other media and channels. I could see using this process to think about ROI for blogging, video, syndication, paid media, etc. Get creative! (Though I know I don't need to tell you that.) 


How to Calculate the ROI of Your Social Media Campaigns
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout