Boston Content Recognizes Local Talent With Content Marketing Awards

This post was written by Boston Content committee member Christine Warner, senior content strategist at Skyword. Follow her, @cvwarner.

Boston is bursting with talented, driven and passionate content marketers — like you.

With more than 1,000 members in our community, the Boston Content leadership team constantly witnesses your innovation, ambition and commitment. And we want to officially acknowledge you for it. That is why we are launching Boston Content Marketers to Watch, Boston’s first awards to recognize the talent of our city's content marketers.

Now through August 31, send us your nominations for local content marketers who demonstrate Boston Content’s values of creativity, collaboration and community.

Here are the details:

How Do I Submit a Nomination?

Submit all nominations through the Nominate page of the Boston Content website by Monday, August 31.

Who Can I Nominate?

Nominees must be based in the Greater Boston area and currently employed or self-employed in a role that involves content marketing — self-nominations are allowed! Nominees do not need to be registered members of Boston Content and cannot be a member of our leadership team.

How Do You Choose the Winners?

The winners will be selected by the Boston Content leadership team based on each nominee’s representation of our values as explained in the nominations.

Creativity: The individual has proven his or her ability to plan and produce innovative and effective content.

What is one recent content initiative or asset that demonstrates your nominee’s creative talent? What was your nominee’s role in its success?

Collaboration: The individual consistently demonstrates leadership and teamwork with peers.

What is an instance when your nominee has collaborated with a co-worker, partner or team to do something exceptional?

Community: The individual is actively engaged in and contributes to the Boston community.

How does your nominee contribute to the Boston content marketing community or other local communities and groups?

When Will You Announce the Winners?

We will announce the winners at the 2nd Annual Boston Content Bash in mid-September.

What Do the Winners Win?

We know public recognition goes a long way, but we want to give the winners a few extra perks: free admission to all 2016 Boston Content events, a feature blog post about you and your work, potential for inclusion in additional Boston Content press opportunities, and a little something special we will announce in the coming weeks.

In launching Boston Content Marketers to Watch, we are excited to honor the talented Boston content marketing community. Boston Content exists to help local content marketers grow in their careers. And through some well-deserved awards, we plan to do just that.

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