Boston Content's Top 10 Community Posts of 2015

Image via BosCon member  Ben Lewis

Image via BosCon member Ben Lewis

This post was written by Boston Content committee member Lauren Landry, a digital content specialist at Northeastern University. Follow her, @laurlandry

Our goal in launching the #BosBlog in 2015 was to provide resources that could help set you up for content marketing success. And sure, we did some of that, but something greater happened: You set yourselves up for success.

Over the last 12 months we've received dozens of insightful, empowering, informative contributions throughout the Boston Content community. From how to break into podcasting to the SaaS companies that have crafted the strongest brand voice, your advice has spanned mediums and industries.

Thank you to all who contributed — we hope you’ll submit more amazing content in 2016. For others interested in contributing, pitch us a blog here. We’d love to highlight additional insight from our growing community.  

Need some inspiration? Here are the top 10 posts that garnered your attention in 2015:

10) “What It Means to Quit Your Job to Be a Freelance Content Marketer” | By Emma Siemasko, freelance writer and content marketing consultant at Stories by Emma

As creatives, we are hardwired to think big — “I want to be my own boss” kind of big. Emma took that leap and left her job last year. Since, she’s started making her own rules, but not without learning a lesson or two in solitude and financial planning.  

9) “A Newbie’s Guide to Launching a Podcast” | By Seth Price, vice president of sales and marketing at Placester

 “Podcasting is exploding,” writes Seth. All the time you’ve spent binge listening to Serial is proof. If those hours of audio have inspired you to start storytelling in a new medium, however, Seth has created a simple how-to guide for getting started.

8) “Helping Clients Tell Moving Stories: 5 Tips for New Content Editors” | By Jess Huckins, senior editorial manager at Skyword

The relationship between client and editor can be hard to maneuver. But with Jess’s advice, building that bond can become easier.  

7) “Better Know a Content Marketer: Amanda Maksymiw of Lattice Engines” | By Cara Hogan, content marketing manager at InsightSquared

Cara interviewed Amanda Maksymiw, senior content marketing manager at predictive marketing company Lattice Engines. Amanda has spent more than seven years in the industry and opens up about where she finds inspiration and how she creates copy that drives sales.

6) “4 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block | By Kristen McCormick, marketing manager at Janeiro Digital

Writer’s block can be paralyzing. But Kristen outlines proactive approaches we can take to dig ourselves out of any creative slump.

Image via BosCon member  Ben Lewis

Image via BosCon member Ben Lewis

5) “My Big Break at the #BosCon Bash | By Elizabeth Wellington, freelance writer, editor and content strategist

Elizabeth made the leap into freelancing as well, but quickly wondered if her moxie was actually “plain old foolishness.” At our annual #BosCon Bash, however, she gained renewed confidence —and her first paid gig.  

4) “7 Podcasts to Listen to If You’re in the Boston Tech Scene | By Emily Griffin, content marketing manager at 3Play Media

With podcasting “exploding,” sifting through the noise can be difficult. Emily compiled a list of seven podcasts to help you determine where to dedicate quality time.   

3) “20 Telltale Signs You’re a Content Marketer | By Melissa Nazar, content marketing manager at Experian Data Quality

Are you “a total content marketing nerd?” You might need to read Melissa’s post to find out.

2) “3 SaaS Brands That Have Totally Nailed Their Brand Voice | By Christine Del Castillo, community manager at Workable

The winning combo to establishing a strong brand voice, according to Christine, is “clear language” and “conversational language.” We’ll let the suspense build about the three SaaS brands dominating. 

1) “Introducing the Millennial CMO: Katie Martell, Co-Founder of Cintell” | By Mary Austin Williams, associate editor at Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)

Williams’s interview with Katie Martell, co-founder and chief marketing officer of customer intelligence startup Cintell, inspired the community. What does “customer-centric” mean and how do you craft a buyer persona? Find out with Mary’s inspiring Q&A. 

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