Devin Bramhall: Freelance Pricing Strategies and How to Be a Marketer in Demand

Today’s guest is Devin Bramhall. She is a content marketing consultant, writer, and storyteller currently working as the Director of Marketing at Animalz, a content marketing agency in New York City.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How and why side projects can help you land great consulting gigs and propel career growth

  • Why you should rely on other freelancers for work—even if you compete for the same kind of clients

  • How to set your rates and launch into a freelance content marketing career with the right mindset

Devin Bramhall on freelancing and side projects:

  • How a boredom of the standard event circuit inspired Devin to become a category of one and create three side projects to propel career growth

  • Learn how Devin used her network to get clients straight off the bat as soon as she hit the market as a freelancer and how word of mouth has been her most successful client acquisition tool

  • Why you should focus your efforts on LinkedIn only and forget about a social presence when building a freelance career

  • Why you should find other freelancers and rely on them for work—even if you compete for the same kind of clients

  • Why Devin tried and came to conclusion to avoid freelancer, fiver, and UpWork

  • How to make the leap and set yourself up for success with a nest egg and pricing

  • How setting your rates will launch your mindset into a freelance career

  • Why task management tools will stop your workload managing you

  • How Jay Acunzo mentored Devin on her rates on hourly, product and packages

  • Despite feeling the draw and being ready for a life-long commitment in a freelance career, learn why Devin took her most recent full-time role at Animalz and how she’s thinks she’s lazy!

  • Why Devin stays away from business books and blogs

It’s not necessarily about who you know, but it is about knowing people.
— Devin

Devin Bramhall on writing:

  • How running and showers inspire Devin and help come up with creative ideas

  • Why you should takes notes everywhere and Devin’s love for iNotes, TextEdit, pen and paper

  • How Devin’s writing routine looks like an angsty teenage girl

  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to throw the style guide out

As a writer in content marketing, it’s so much harder to stand out. If you’re not willing to look at new things and incorporate those into your writing, then you’re just not going to stand out.
— Devin

People, resources, and tools: