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How (We)Work: Enrico Palmerino of SmartBooks

Enrico Palmerino, managing director of SmartBooks, has been named one of America's Best Young Entrepreneurs. He grew ThinkLite from a dorm room startup into a lighting efficiency company with eight offices worldwide. And now, he is taking on a new industry. 

“I truly believe in [SmartBooks],” said Palmerino in an email, “and think that we are changing the future of the bookkeeping and accounting space.”

Changing an industry is no easy task, however  — it takes constant creativity and someone with Palmerino’s desire to solve problems and overcome hurdles.

“I want to live and make an impact on society,” he said, “and can sleep when I’m dead.”

How is he able to make that impact? Keep reading.

How (We)Work: Zoë Barry of ZappRx

Zoë Barry is trying to “solve the really big problems in healthcare” and she is starting with ZappRx

Barry founded the company in 2012 after discovering how hard it was for her brother, who was battling with severe epilepsy, to gain access to life-changing medication. She decided to use technology to make specialty prescriptions easier to process — and has raised $8.8 million and been named  to Inc.’s list of 30 Under 30 Coolest Entrepreneurs in the process. 

How does someone shaking up a highly regulated, outdated industry stay creative? For one, by saving bald eagles in Alaska, but read on.

How (We)Work: Nicole Niss of Tablelist

Nicole Niss joined the Tablelist team in October 2014, eager to have a hand in helping shape the future of nightlife — an industry largely untouched by tech.

“Everyone I work with is incredibly smart and talented at what they do,” said Niss, who serves as the Boston general manager of the VIP reservation service for nightclubs. “I learn from all of them constantly.”

How (We)Work: Ryan Paugh of YEC

Ryan Paugh knows “being ambitious in your career can be a lonely place” — it’s because of that he helped found Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization for top entrepreneurs 40 and under, and CommunityCo, a company that helps other young professionals build personalized, invite-only communities.

“I love the idea that, everyday, I not only get to work on meeting my business goals,” Paugh said, “but also get to have a small role in helping our members meet their business goals, as well.”