2 New Ways to Grow Blog Traffic

If you’re a seasoned blogger, you likely know the basics.

Other articles on ways to grow blog traffic might cover the familiar ideas of choosing keywords for SEO, adding alt text to your images, or breaking up your body text for a more aesthetically pleasing post. And yet, despite everything the experts are recommending, your blog traffic is at a standstill.

What I am here to do is introduce you to two simple and worthwhile ways to grow your blog traffic you may not be familiar with.

At Toast, we’ve faced a similar problem in the past. We write for restaurant owners, managers, and experts. In a country with one million restaurants, we know our traffic today is just a fraction of what it will be in the future. Yet sometimes, it seems like our traffic has plateaued.

I refuse to accept that.

When traffic is at a standstill, we leverage a few strategies to grow blog traffic without spending a dollar. Here are two of my favorite and trusted ways to grow blog traffic.

How to Conquer 4 Major B2B Content Marketing Challenges

Content marketing became many organizations’ must-have marketing strategy in the past few years, especially in B2B. Buyers, in both personal and professional contexts, have become immune to paid advertising and other traditional marketing strategies, and with B2C leading the way, B2B marketers made creating engaging content the top priority for 2016.

For those of us who are creating, managing and distributing content on behalf of our organization, the content boom brings with it a number of challenges, especially in terms of reaching and engaging your target buyer. Here are four I struggled with as Seismic’s content marketing manager, and some tips I received on how to overcome them.

Introducing Alexandra Howley: The Local Marketing Guru for General Assembly

Odds are that if you’ve ever attended a General Assembly event, Alexandra Howley was the individual who organized it. Howley's path to her current role started at the American Red Cross, Constant Contact, and then City Awake. At each step along the way, she learned timeless marketing strategies that she explains in this new Boston Content interview.

5 Storytelling Tips for Connecting with Your Customer

Telling a story is one of the most powerful ways to communicate. Describing an event with details, imagery, mood, strong characters and an active tone helps people make a connection. A good story draws you in and makes you feel like you’re part of the brand narrative.

These elements are vital in content marketing. Whether it’s videos, e-books, or blog posts, stories bridge the gap between the features and benefits behind your company’s products and the reasons why people buy them. Content builds an emotional connection between your company and your current and future customers, encouraging them to come back again.

The power of good storytelling helps your audience relate to what you do and how you can help them. Here are five storytelling tips to help connect customers with your content.