The 2016 Content Marketer's Toolkit

This post was written by Boston Content Co-Executive Director Devin Bramhall, marketing manager at Alignable. Follow her, @devinemily.

A necessary prelude to the creation of marketing content is — as all successful content marketers know — planning. But even before you can plan, you need the tools to organize, create, measure and report on performance. There is no shortage of apps, strategy and tips available to content marketers these days. This seems great, but the vastness can be paralyzing. 

To help you launch this year from a solid foundation, we centered our Q1 event on the tools content marketers need to plan strategy, measure success and produce work that keeps people coming back for more.

We focused on five topics: 

  • SEO
  • Design
  • Analytics 
  • Interactive Content
  • Coding

Here are the key takeaways from each session. You can use them to fill your toolbox with all the skills and advice you'll need to make 2016 a success!

What Content Marketers Need to Know About SEO

Led by: Rebecca Churt, Marketing @ Openview Venture Partners

Content and SEO go hand in hand, which means neglecting one while focusing on the other could result in your hard work falling on deaf ears. Learn how to get your amazing content found on the web while debunking some common misconceptions about SEO. 

DIY Design for Content Marketers  

Led by: Todd Stewart, Marketing Manager @ Hourly Nerd & '15 Boston Content Marketer to Watch

Gone are the days of “designed content” meaning “built in Photoshop or InDesign.” There are more tools than ever to help content marketers own the full production cycle, from building wireframes to hand-off to designers, or to creating social sharing graphics. Find out which tools savvy content creators are using to get their content noticed. 

Interactive Content: New Content Formats for 2016

Led by: Lena Prickett, Senior Content Marketing Manager @ SnapApp & Boston Content Committee Member

You've probably heard about interactive content on several “trends & predictions” lists for 2016. But what is it exactly and how can you use it? Here's a rundown of the most common types of interactive content and strategies for using them. 

Crash Course: Google Analytics

Led by: Jess Owen, Digital Strategy Manager @ PluralSight

A strong grasp of the fundamentals of Google Analytics has become table stakes for content marketing in many companies. All the more reason why, as a content marketer, you need to know how to use it to measure your content efforts. Learn the most important features included in this powerful analytics tool, and some hacks for making tracking and reporting easier than ever. 

Coding for Content: Sharpen Your Tech Skills

Led by: Christine Warner, Content Marketing Manager @ Uber & Boston Content Committee Member

It’s critical for content marketers to have technical chops. From developing dynamic emails to formatting editorial content, what are the need-to-know coding skills for content marketers? Time to bring your tech skills to the next level! These tips will help you craft compelling content and better segment and target your customers and audience.