Kaleigh Moore: Partnering with Paul Jarvis and Growing a Successful Content Writing Business

In this podcast with Kaleigh Moore, you will learn:

  • How she landed a partnership with Paul Jarvis and the exact things she learned to apply to her own business

  • Time management techniques you can use to increase productivity and avoid harming client relationships

  • How Kaleigh has learned the concept of 'enough' and feels comfortable with where she is in her career and why she’s not franticly chasing more money or more clients

Kaleigh Moore on freelancing:

  • Why Kaleigh chooses partners to help branding activities and an inside look at what it’s like to work with Paul Jarvis

  • How Kaleigh secured her first source of passive income

  • What inspired Kaleigh to take the leap from full time work and how she strategically stepped into full time work as a freelancer

  • Why recommendations, referrals, and word of mouth power how clients find out about her services

  • When you should consider subcontracting your work and why trust is vital to get a good end product

  • How Kaleigh has learned the concept of enough and feels comfortable with where she is in her career after five years of freelancing

  • Why the job of a content marketer always feel undone

  • Why your pricing page should be focused on filtering out poor clients and answering FAQs

  • Kaleigh’s recommendations and warnings on tools for running a business

  • Which freelancers and small business owners Kaleigh looks up to and how they both became unofficial mentors

Kaleigh Moore on writing:

  • Why she loves writing and why the frequency she puts out work isn’t exhausting

  • The exact blog outline and structure Kaleigh uses

  • Kaleigh shares her morning and writing routine and what her day to day looks like

  • Why Kaleigh focused in and narrow down on writing blog content

  • What Kaleigh loves about Google Docs and why it’s her favourite writing tool

  • Details on Kaleigh's experiments with writing in silence, to music, and using brain.fm

  • Why a whiteboard and an office chair are Kaleigh’s favorite investments as a writer

  • Why Kaleigh feels she was ‘shoved’ into a writer role from school

  • How Kaleigh’s handles writer’s block and her number one tip for getting past it

  • Why rest and breaks can be your most productive asset in your day

  • Kaleigh’s ways to keep inspired to write and why the movie Dead Poets Society inspires her to keep going!

Resources and tools:

About our guest, Kaleigh Moore:

Kaleigh Moore is a writer that creates value-packed blog content for SaaS and ecommerce companies. She has written for Fortune 500 companies as well as growing SaaS businesses, including AT&T, Campaign Monitor, and KISSmetrics. She is also contributor to Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. On the side you can find her as the co-host on the Creative Class Podcast and running a series of free events for marketers, called Ask Content Gals.

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About our host, Adam Rogers:

Adam Rogers is the host and producer of the Boston Content Podcast. By day, he is a content marketer at Shopify, the ecommerce platform. By night, he is still Adam Rogers but it's nighttime. He loves writing, but he's sure it hates him. He's a lover of books, music, guitars, and his wife Lacey.

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