Paul Jarvis - Why the Key to Fulfilling Freelance Work is Becoming a Highly Profitable and Sustainable Company of One

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Paul Jarvis is a writer, designer, podcaster, online course teacher and software creator. He is also the author of Company of One: Why Staying Small is The Next Big Thing In Business.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The system Paul uses to ensure he receives payment on time, every time

  • Tactical questions you can ask yourself that will help you build a sustainable lifestyle business that frees up time and reduces stress

  • How to create demand for your freelance services using social proof and clear timelines

Paul Jarvis on freelancing

  • Learn how Paul got started in the freelance world and he shares the errors of his ways

  • Paul shares the biggest mistakes freelancers make and immediate ways to get around them

  • Why freelancers should aim to run a boring business and why that will pull you away from stress and burn out

  • Paul shares what an ideal week should look like for a freelance content marketer

  • How to create demand for your freelance services using social proof and clear timelines

  • Why Paul is adamant about systems and processes solely on receiving payment

  • How to avoid hustling and focus on the growth that will make a difference to your business

  • Why Paul never scaled his freelance services into an agency or hired anyone

  • Why you should shape your business around your priorities 

  • A system you can use to create a product as a nontechnical person and earn passive income

  • Learn why Paul moved away from being a freelancer to a product focused business 

  • Why Paul’s favorite tool for running a business is email

  • Paul’s advice for freelancers to get going today and why it’s all about connections

Paul Jarvis on writing

  • The type of writing Paul works on everyday and how many articles he creates a week

  • Why Paul focus on his writing early in the morning and why he’s passionate about avoiding notifications

  • Why Paul is drawn to and loves the process of writing books

  • The techniques Paul uses to get past writer’s block

  • Why Paul loves AI writer because of its lack of features

  • Paul’s best investment in his business is a dedicated workspace in his home

Tool, People, and Resources

About our guest, Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is a designer who likes writing (or vice versa) and has worked for himself since the 90s. He wrote a book called Company of One™.

His courses—Creative Class and Chimp Essentials—have been taken by more than 13,564 paying students. His writing has been talked about by everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Arianna Huffington. He’s worked with clients, such as Microsoft, Danielle LaPorte, Mercedes-Benz, Marie Forleo and Warner Music. His ideas and words have been featured in WIRED, Fast Company, Vice, USA Today and more. As a totally random aside, his photography has been seen on Greys Anatomy (the TV show).

Paul sends out a weekly newsletter, called the Sunday Dispatches (it’s good, he pinky swears).

About our host, Adam Rogers

Adam Rogers is the host and producer of the Boston Content Podcast. By day, he is a content marketer at Shopify, the ecommerce platform. By night, he is still Adam Rogers but it's nighttime. He loves writing, but he's sure it hates him. He's a lover of books, music, guitars, and his wife Lacey.

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