What We Worked on at #FieldDay2018

Last Friday, Boston Content members convened at WeWork South Station to work alongside one another for the day. In addition to collaborating with other content pros while getting that "to do" list done, here's a quick recap of what we worked on during #FieldDay2018:

Search ads and SEO.
— Carl Blume, Principal, Atlantic Marketing Advisors
I’ll be working on getting out 1 regular blog post, 1 tech blog post, and the company’s weekly Thought Leadership Roundup email, which keeps everyone updated on the week’s social and thought leadership content.
— Allison Grinberg-Funes, Marketing Manager, Raizlabs
Will be working on a white paper for Boston-based digital talent platform Catalant (my client). It’s titled “Re-Imagining Work 2020” and will describe why companies should be exploring “agile talent solutions,” including using Catalant’s software to find internal and external talent for their projects. The white paper will also be prescriptive, describing the steps companies can take to adopt these agile talent solutions.

Will also be preparing for a Freelancers Union “Spark” event, where I’ll be offering attendees (freelancers all) tips on effective negotiation with prospective and existing clients. Might be making some notes and thinking of ways to facilitate and open up this “negotiating” discussion with the Freelancers Union members who attend.

Lastly, will be meeting BosCon member Sean Malvey (he wrote BosCon blog recap of the Wayfair event moderated by Ann Handley) for lunch and “soccer talk.” Both Sean and I are avid soccer players and big supporters of FC Barcelona, the best soccer team in the world.
— Chuck Leddy, B2B Brand Storyteller, ChuckLeddy.com
I set up a few goals for the day: 1 complete post on my own site, 1 for Medium, map out the first 2 episodes of my new podcast, and fill the rest of the time with curation/social. Maybe a little ambitious, but with enough coffee and a positive atmosphere, anything is possible!
— Katie Dickinson, Blogger, Weird Travel Friend
The big one right now is trying to push out a new app for online Workers’ Comp insurance quotes, so writing and checking all the content for that on our test site. And for smaller projects, I’m working on writing a style guide for the company, and a project to align and streamline our email and billing communications.
— Cat Anderson, UX Writer, AP Intego Insurance Group
Today I will be working on fleshing out a new venture. Caitlin Pfitzer (also attending), founder of Independent Femail, and I are in the process of starting up a partnership. We will be working on revamping her website to reflect new offerings and tackling a couple branding statements needed for current clients.
— Kaitlin Provencher, Associate Director, Digital Content & Strategy, Tufts University
I’m working on a landing page to tell my crazy story for how I came to UX! I’ve found that a resume and portfolio piece aren’t effectively communicating my engineering background in a UX-centric way and I want to try something that I think will work. I’ll be generating some content and sketches today.
— Katie Fitton, UX Designer, KatieFitton.com
I’m writing a blog post for a client and setting up an 8-week Facebook advertising campaign for another client.
— Janet Mesh, Freelance Content Marketer & Strategist, JanetMesh.com

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